Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We won an interesting case this week involving two parents had a written agreement in 2007 that the father would deed to the mother the former marital home in exchange for $300.00 per month credit towards his child support obligation for 7 years for a total of $25,200. He deeded the house to her.
Four years later, the mother sued the father for contempt and child support arrearages for the $300.00... per month. She asked the court to put him in jail for not paying the child support. The Warren County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court held the father in contempt and found he had a child support arrearage for the full amount since 2004. The Warren County Circuit Court found dad was entitled to credit for the entire $25,200 amount pursuant to the parties' Agreement and that the father was not in contempt. The issue was whether the father was entitled to pay his child support with equity in a house instead of cash.
The court said the mother had to honor the agreement as she had the house which was also a home for the parties' child.

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